More news that hasn’t been, and will not be, reported (or tolerated): Major study of 10 years’ data finds that “vaccinated children appear to be significantly less healthy than the unvaccinated”

This urgent point is made, with force, by the forbidden documentary VAXXED II: The People’s Truth.

Duty to Warn (in Two Parts) 
by Gary Kohls, M.D.

A Ground-breaking Recently-published International Journal Article Comparing the Long-term Health Consequences for Vaccinated and Un-vaccinated Children

Part One is for readers who are somewhat familiar with the language of medical science

Part Two should be read by everybody, especially those who know of someone with a chronic illness that could have been related to the over-vaccination policies mentioned in this article. 

Co-author Lyons-Weiler heads The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge in Pittsburgh, PA 15101, USA  

Co-author Dr Paul Thomas is the founding physician of a popular Oregon pediatrics practice which is called Integrative Pediatrics. It is located in Portland, OR 97225, USA 

  • Interestingly and alarmingly, within a couple weeks of the publication of the article, Dr Thomas’s license to practice medicine was revoked by Oregon’s health authorities, revealing how threatened they and the whole gamut of mainstream medicine, the NIH, the CDC, the NIAID, the FDA and the pharmaceutical industries are when their lucrative (but now revealed as additional support for the logic of “vaccine hesitancy”), is the Public Health bureaucracies, the CDC’s, the American Academy of Pediatrics’, the AMA’s, the AAFP’s and the ACOG’s illogical – and unproven for safety – infant and children’s mandated vaccination schedule that is so nicely illustrated at the end of this article.

One can anticipate that there will soon be a flurry of AAP, CDC or Big Pharma-supported authors that will try to discredit Lyons-Weiler and Thomas and dispute their article with contrived articles of their own, which will be hastily published by Big Pharma-supported journal articles everywhere.

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