3% of C-vax recipients suffer adverse effects

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The chart below from the CDC’s own website indicates as of December 18th, 112,807 Americans have been vaccinated with 3,150 “health impacts.”   That’s about 3 %.  The CDC chart defines “health impacts” as “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from doctor or health care professional.”

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This is an area where we would need to know base rates to know if this is relevant. If we looked at another 112k people who didn’t have the vaccine how many would meet the conditions of negative health outcomes after the observation period? 3000 out of every 112000 people might well experience health problems during this observation span regularly. Also are vaccine recipients a random sample of the population or is there selection bias for people already more likely to have health problems?

While at first glance this statistic looks alarming, “required care from doctor or health professional” is a pretty vague and potentially broad-ranging category. Does that include, e.g., needing to lie down due to vasovagal syncope, or even discomfort with needles? Or mild attention for local but harmless pain due to the injection procedure?

Because 3% of people get sick in some way in the days after receiving a vaccine, does not in any way imply that the vaccine caused the effect.

If you injected a saline solution, 3% of the population would ‘get sick’ in the following days.

The first vaccinations include healthcare workers and the most vulnerable people (elderly, long term care, with pre-exisiting conditions,etc…). The most vulnerable people may be more sensitive to any vaccine (and also more prone to bad COVID infection). With this assumption in mind, one would predict that as more vaccinations occur and we move on to vaccinating the less vulnerable we will see less of a negative response to the vaccine.

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