Yes, Virginia (and all you other states), it looks like this election TOO was stolen—and so it TOO should be investigated

Amid the thunderous jubilation wracking New York City (and Chicago, Boston and other “liberal” cities coast to coast), it feels a little risky to assert the awful truth about Joe Biden’s “victory”: i.e., that the signs of theft are just as flagrant as they were in 2000 and 2004, and in the Democratic primaries four years ago, even though, this time, there were no exit polls (a safeguard that the rush to mail-in ballots—a policy enabled by the COVID panic—made impossible). If anything, the signs of theft this time are even more abundant than they were in those stolen races; yet the same activists (or most of them) who rightly tracked, and tried to publicize, all such red flags back then are either turning a blind eye to them today, or laughing them off as “conspiracy theory”—exactly as the GOP, and the corporate and left/liberal press, did in 2000 and 2004.

The halting of the vote-counts, the late-night vote-dumps that erased Trump’s lead in Michigan and Wisconsin, the grass-roots testimony to the use of sharpies, and other tricks, to make Trump votes illegible, the videos of election workers busily filling out ballots (thinking that their work was unobserved), the arrest of a NY postal carrier trying to bring absentee ballots into Canada, and many other signs of theft this time around are just as worthy of investigation as the evidence of theft in Florida 2000, and in Ohio in 2004; and yet, this time, it’s all been waved away as sweepingly by many of my former allies in the fight for fair elections as such evidence back then was ignored or hooted by the House Republicans, the New York Times and all the rest of “our free press.”

Back then, I was no Democrat (I haven’t voted Democratic in a presidential race since 1992), voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and 2004, but spoke out, wrote, gave interviews and lectured on the flagrant theft of those elections, out of deep concern for the corruption of the US voting system, and the urgent need for radical reforms, to salvage what was left of “our” democracy. And now I’m driven by that same concern, regardless of my years spent sounding the alarm about the GOP’s relentless vote suppression (a worry that the Democrats in Congress haven’t seemed to share), and my own aversion to this president (whose “victory” four years ago I’ve questioned all along, since there’s clear evidence that it was stolen for him in the swing states—and not by Putin). I wish I didn’t have to spell this out, but the fight for fair elections does not mean “the fight to unseat Donald Trump,” just as protecting academic freedom and free speech does not mean “protecting academic freedom and free speech for everybody who agrees with us.” If “we” think fair elections and free speech are just for “us,” “we” don’t really believe in them at all.

Although I suspect it’s a lost cause, I also think those few of us who still believe in it should say so loud and clear; and so I offer here some things that should be noted by at least a few of those now out there ululating, honking horns and banging pots and pans: a Facebook post by my friend Max Parry (a genuinely leftist journalist, who notes still more anomalies), and a powerful analysis by Pepe Escobar (a genuinely leftist commentator), of how closely Biden’s “win” resembles the results of US “color revolutions” all around the world. 

And for those who want a resource keeping track of all the signs of theft, and the latest developments, I recommend Citizens for Legitimate Government, whose “Coup 2020 Updates” is at

Let me end by saying that the only way that We the People—and that means all of us—might be saved is if we save ourselves, which we can only do by making common cause. That depends on all of us agreeing on the value of our fundamental rights as citizens of a democracy (or what was formerly aspiring to become one), and working to protect them for us all. 

From Max Parry:

I am going to be crucified by many of my fellow “leftists” for saying this, but something smells incredibly fishy about these election results. How in the world can the Democrats lose several House seats, gain no ground in the Senate, but manage to win the presidency? How did Trump win Ohio again (which previously went to Obama twice) by 8 points, just like he did in 2016, but lose all these other key swing states at the 11th hour? Am I really supposed to believe a candidate as poor as Biden got more votes than even Obama in his 2008 landslide? The projection polls were again way off and Trump was massively exceeding expectations getting several million more votes than last time, but he still ends up losing? Did the media cut away in the middle of Bush’s speeches when he was stealing the 2000 election? None of this adds up and you have partisan blinders on if you can’t see it. Not to say the GOP doesn’t engage in voter suppression, but there is no way in a million years you will ever convince me there isn’t a coup d’etat under way right now.

Pepe Escobar’s article link:

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