There’s something very wrong with Dr. Shiva AND his claims about the vote in Michigan

I see now that I should have trusted my instincts about Dr. Shiva, whose case about the vote in Michigan, as Kathy Dopp meticulously demonstrates (scroll down), simply does not add up; and—more important—because the weakness of his case will, more than likely, serve to make it easy to laugh off ALL claims of election fraud, and thereby “certify” the (seemingly) official outcome of this last election.

As Steve Freeman points out here, the fact that Shiva instantly became the face of election integrity, his claims getting far more traction than many other, more compelling signs of theft, is reason for suspicion of his motives and true function in this post-election drama.

All REAL signs of election theft MUST be duly investigated, regardless of which side demands it. That (Democratic) election integrity activists are now reflexively dismissing ALL such signs as “baseless,” just as the Republicans, and all the media, did back in 2000 and 2004, is a gross betrayal of the principles on which this movement always has been based (or so I thought).

From Steve Freeman:

The existence of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai and his omnipresence on the Internet should make any thinking person more suspicious than ever about the 2020 election. Not because there is any merit to his “evidence” of election rigging, but rather the opposite.

Shiva’s “weighted race” argument is ludicrous to anyone who takes even a few minutes to reflect on basic mathematics. It’s cleverly choreographed, produced and focus-group-tested, no doubt, well before the election. It works because America is innumerate and reflexive rather than reflective, Trump and Trump supporters even more so than the country at large.

Phase 1 (completed!): Before we are even able to get our bearings, Shiva has 3 million+ views, and he has become the face and spokesperson for claims of election fraud.

Phase 2: Next, he will be “exposed” by msm in order to generally debunk ALL claims of election fraud. (Of course, it already has been exposed, but only by geeks, not msm and not to the siloed Trump camp, which is wolfing this down like a pack of starving rottweilers being fed poisoned steaks: Millions of views, e.g., Michigan Voter Fraud with Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Part 1, Up votes: 4.7K, Down 30 – well over 100:1!) 

Phase 3: Q.E.D. “It was a clean election. Time to move on.” Applauded and reshouted by Dems who of course, somewhere in their confused brains, know better that elections are not clean, and at least once knew that when they were stolen, the last thing the country should have done was simply “move on.” Coup completed 

From Kathy Dopp: 

Everything I have seen from MIT’s Dr. Shiva re. election stuff is hopelessly nonsensical.  E.g. He doesn’t seem to comprehend that: 

(1) the number of registered voters is not the same as the number of voters participating in any election 

(2) the number of votes is ALWAYS much greater than the number of voters who vote in any election because there are more than one election contest on each ballot 

(3) that subtracting a larger number (because you’ve assigned it a smaller denominator) from a smaller number is always going to produce numbers less than zero and if you arrange the results deliberately in order from greater to smaller, you will always get a downward sloping line (no matter which political party or candidate you focus on). 

In short, I have not yet seen even one (1) alleged method to detect election fraud coming from Prof. Shiva that makes a lick of common or logical sense yet.  Perhaps if he keeps trying he may eventually succeed at doing something better than my worst remedial mathematics students back when I once taught a remedial math course for a university, but I have yet to see it.  I wish him the best future success for his efforts, and hope he learns enough about elections and basic arithmetic of fractions to begin making sense soon.

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