Switzerland—“the new Sweden”—resisting lockdown policies

From Kathy Dopp:

Notice Switzerland has lower reported Covid death rates per million than the US, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK  and other countries around the world. The US has about 70% more reported Covid deaths than the Swiss.


Switzerland resists lockdown despite rising infections


Switzerland dubbed ‘the new Sweden’ as government resists lockdown despite soaring caseload

17 November 2020.   For many in the country, life continues more or less as normal as the government seeks to prioritise the economy

By Alexandra Williams Geneva


[KD: However, earlier, “on Wednesday, October 28th, Switzerland had announced a range of new restrictions measures to halt the spread of the coronavirus.” Seen here:]

Switzerland announces sweeping new Covid-19 restrictions

[KD: Notice, although hours of restaurants and bars were restricted, there were not forced closures or restrictions on numbers… so Swiss restrictions were much milder than numerous other countries’]

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