Ohio hospitals are “under strain”—”again”—because of COVID-19? That claim is believable as Biden/Harris’ overwhelming “win”

As they thunderously certify the Biden/Harris sweep, “our free press” is also now setting a new COVID-19 panic wildfire—a key motif in their propaganda symphony of fear (to urge compliance) and anger (to divide us). 

So is the US hospital “system” under “strain”—”again”—because of COVID-19? Well, let’s take Ohio, since, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation (as happened in the 2004 election). Today’s WSJ overview of systemic “strain” mentions Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch piece (along with other Ohio media) highlights it, and Gov. DeWine—a COVID-19 hardliner—will be addressing it tonight.

Why? Or, rather, what is “it,” exactly? According to Ohio’s official figures (not yet changed or blacked out to accommodate this propaganda line), the vast majority of ICU patients in the Buckeye State are under treatment not for COVID-19 but other maladies (Scroll down to “Current Confirmed COVID-19 Patient Count in Ohio Hospitals by Day.”)

“Our free press” is an existential threat.

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