Michigan data proves (AGAIN) that COVID-19 lockdowns are far more lethal than COVID-19

From Alex Berenson:

Michigan’s monthly death data provides a look at the terrible impact of the lockdowns.

From June to September 2020, 33,549 residents died – about 2,300 more than the previous year – a 7% increase.

Because #Covid, right?

No. Michigan classified 784 of the deaths as Covid…

And it is VERY unlikely to have missed many (or even few) #Covid deaths, because Michigan aggressively matches death certificates with Covid test registries.

Further, reported deaths from COPD and pneumonia actually fell by about 250 from 2019 to 2020…

Those are the two categories where unreported Covid deaths would be most likely. Meanwhile, cancer deaths also fell, and heart disease deaths (the biggest category) rose slightly.

In other words, Covid deaths are not being hidden. These other deaths are unrelated to #Covid…

So who are those extra 1,500+ people who died over the summer. What did they die of?

Deaths that have one thing in common: they are products of, or are worsened by, despair and loneliness.

Unfortunately, Michigan doesn’t break those out on a monthly basis. But they MUST account for almost the entire remaining increase. The math is simple and brutal…

Well, the categories Michigan reports monthly make up roughly 45% of all deaths. What are other big categories?

Suicide. Overdose. Accident. Alcoholism. Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Homicide…

And one day, long after the CNNs have forgotten #Covid and moved on to shark attacks or another Woodstock documentary, we will get a full picture of lockdown deaths this year. And we will regret the choices we’ve made.

The link. I didn’t include October data because there is a lag of close to a month before the dataset is really complete.

“Ditto Arizona.

And it will be much worse if the holidays are ‘canceled’.” SimulationCommander

Nikolas Cage

“Why don’t people look at data this way? It’s always just COVID numbers with no context or relative data for comparison.  Oh that’s right, there’s a narrative to preserve…my bad”

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