Masks that show how much you care

about all those people with asthma, diabetes, COPD, hypertension, heart disease, anxiety disorders, and other conditions that make masking dangerous; and about all those old people in particular, whose masks cut down their oxygen, and, because masks block peripheral vision, making older people even more susceptible to fatal falls; and about the millions of children made to play and go to school in masks, despite their strong natural immunity to COVID-19, and the dire effects of masking on their physical and mental health, and emotional development; and about the risk of cancer posed by paper masks, which are treated with teflon and other carcinogenic chemicals; and about the workers in poor countries, churning out those toxic masks all day, at untold risk to their own health; and about the tons and tons of soiled masks dropped daily on the ground—on streets, in parks—by their “caring” users, and permanently clogging ocean waters all over the world, and choking marine life, at a staggering rate.

So buy, and wear, a mask that says “BE KIND” or “SMILE,” to show how much you care about all that, and everybody else; and yell at anyone who isn’t also wearing one, or, if you can’t, or if you do and they ignore you, report them to the cops, or management, or whatever other entity in place to deal with anyone who doesn’t “care” as much as you do. 

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