Lawsuit alleges many gross irregularities in Michigan (and they are credible)

This video walks us through them. On basis of past practices in stolen races, and of what we’ve seen in other videos and reports from the grass roots since Election Day, the allegations are entirely credible. (Whether they can be proven we will see.)

(It takes this guy a few minutes to get down to it.)

(That this, and all efforts to contest the official outcome, will ultimately serve to spark the chaos that James Corbett has so deftly analyzed, and that the chaos will be skillfully exploited in a bid to subjugate us all, I have not the shadow of a doubt. But we cannot allow the propaganda fiat of a Biden/Harris victory to stand unquestioned or uncontradicted.)

One reply on “Lawsuit alleges many gross irregularities in Michigan (and they are credible)”

Very interesting video clip. I suggest anyone viewing that also view this OffGuardian election-related article (near the end), especially the update at 1500 hours, 11/4/2020, concerning a news media broadcast about a very sudden turnaround in Michigan of Joe Biden’s election prospects:

It aligns quite closely with the charges discussed in the Barnes video. Coincidence?

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