Dominion vacates Toronto, Denver offices, and Eric Coomer’s missing

More “non-evidence” of election¬†theft.¬†

Coomer demonstrating how to alter votes:

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As someone who has worked as an election official, I’m confused how you think that the Dominion system could be used to “change” votes. It can be used to examine someone’s vote where the system was unsure of what the person’s vote was, and then choose based on the voter’s intent. This is done in plain view of auditors from both political parties. Are you claiming that *most* or even *many* votes are unable to be read by the machine? Because in my experience, there are very very few cases of that, like less than 1 in 500 or so. It is certainly possible that there could be nefarious actors harming that process, but I would think that a hand recount as was done in Georgia would catch something like that.

Also, if right-wing nuts were coming after you and your kids, do you think you might hide? I don’t see how people hiding is evidence of anything other than fear. Could it be fear of getting caught? Possibly. Could it be fear of getting killed? Also possible.

Also, that call is ridiculous and there is no recording of it whatsoever. Again, it’s possible it’s true, but also possible that it was some random Eric or completely made up.

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