Dershowitz on what’s at play in Trump’s legal challenge

Note the possibility that this COULD lead to a requirement, going forward, that ballots be hand-counted in states that use dubious computerized vote-counting systems, like Dominion (which rose of nowhere, and absorbed what had been Diebold, and is therefore just as sketchy as it ever was).

That possibility would be worth something, if the US were still arguably a democratic country.

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Oh, I think tyranny is here to stay. This is not an accident- this is deliberate. TPTB want it this way. Apparently the Dems had a hearing on voting systems early 2020, found they were defective yet nothing changed ( – last tweet) But this is what always happens–lots of hearing for nothing. US govt is a sick joke.

Also when Trump first got in he tried to set up some kind of election integrity commission, but states didn’t want to cooperate. I lost track of that story, but recently saw Ann Coulter tweet saying “too bad Trump shut down Kris Kobach’s vote fraud investigation” I have no clue what happened with that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if all the Russia hoax pressure on him was kind of like a threat to keep him in line and get him to yield to TPTB (MIke Whitney makes a good case for this with how Trump slowly caved on foreign policy–tried to do what he campaigned on, but slowly he turned to be in lockstep w/establishment)

IMO the stealing will continue until the Dems get the Senate, that way they can claim a “mandate,” which they can use to usher in the central bankers’ Great Reset:

I do believe humanity is on it’s way to total enslavement. Once they get those microchips in us, they can monitor our every move from satellite. Sad that our own government sold us out. And it all goes back to the traitors in Congress in 1913 who gave private bankers control over our currency. That was the end, it just took a while to notice.

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