Denmark slaughtering 17 million farmed mink, because COVID

And the Humane Society is fine with it, right in line with other sectors of “the left,” which is all for the most draconian responses to “the virus.” (And the culling of that herd, to “keep us safe,” is right in line with all the catastrophic COVID-19 measures that are killing millions all around the world.)

Joanna Swabe, the senior director of public affairs for Humane Society International/Europe, did express some pleasure at what was otherwise a grim end to Denmark’s mink population. As one of the largest fur producers in the global market, the “total shutdown of all Danish mink fur farms amid spiralling COVID-19 infections is a significant development.” She even went so far as to congratulate the Danish prime minister for the “decision to take such an essential and science-led step to protect Danish citizens from the deadly coronavirus.”

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