CT mandates COVID-19 testing for students traveling home for Thanksgiving

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Yes, Lamont is onboard with the scam. Candance Owens caught him pushing the fear porn by lying about an infant dying from corona. Turns out the baby died in accident at home.

IMO this is a total hoax and the ruling elite are laughing at humanity for being so dumb (just like Nick Rockefeller in his pre 9/11 chat with Aaron Russo was laughing that some day we would see soldiers searching caves). I think they get off on this sort of thing–same for getting a man with dementia elected President.

FWIW- a couple of Dr. Andrew Kaufman videos on the scientific fraud:

Tons of info on the viral and infectious disease fear racket:

And from someone I met at Rapport’s site:
My PhD’s are in microbiology, epidemiology and the second one in immunology. I have been calling this a hoax from day one. Covid 19 has so many flaws, it’s not even funny. First of all, no microorganism just “jumps” from one species to another (Covid apparently jumped from a bat to a pangolin to a human, which is total horseshit and a total impossibility), second no Koch’s postulates have been even remotely performed on Covid or any virus for that matter. As a clinical lab scientist, if I were to author a paper and get it published on the virulence of any microorganism without performing and publishing the results of Koch’s postulates, I would lose all credibility and lose my job too. Having said that, this whole nonsense was planned way in advance to destroy humanity (but you already know that). Unfortunately, the average joe does not understand Koch’s postulates or things like zoonoses, so they get suckered in to the fear and hype.

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