CIA has software that can alter votes. (Was it used lately?)

From Cat McGuire:

Listen to retired USAF Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney explain how the CIA has special software that can alter votes –  7 min video

This tool has been around. I had heard about it, but looks like its being trotted out again.  

Read this analysis to see how it very well could have worked its black magic on the Wisconsin and Michigan votes (scroll down to the third Update – 4/11/20, 15:00)

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Yes, I think so. Thanks for the links.

At first, I thought the Dems were throwing it when they selected Biden and Harris (Bernie and Warren were drawing huge crowds, but not Biden or Harris, they only had small groups). So, I just assumed it was another rigged primary, and at that point, perhaps to throw it, since they selected two of their most unappealing candidates. (And the reason I thought they rigged it was b/c the DNC argued in court that it was their first amendment right to rig the primaries during the DNC fraud lawsuit, which Bernie interestingly didn’t care about

But then, with all the fake polls saying Biden was going to win, I got suspicious that they were laying the propaganda groundwork for the steal, just as they did for Hillary. And the polls seemed even faker than the last time – I studied all the Hillary gatherings and they were better than what Biden/Harris were able to gather, and Trump gatherings were even more massive this time, with people spontaneously doing rallies on their own (and I don’t think it’s entirely Trump – I think it’s that masses of people realize that the establishment of both parties, the media, the MIC, etc. have screwed them over the decades with free trade deals, lies for endless wars, etc.).

Then, as I watched Biden/Harris barely campaign, with Harris not taking questions, and neither of them appearing to work at it, not really trying, nobody there, I just got the feeling the fix was in – they knew they didn’t have to do any work b/c TPTB were taking care of it (Patrick Henningsen also seemed suspicious too and remarked that he’s “never seen anything like this, this is a ghost campaign”). Also, on camera, Biden made some Freudian slips, saying something along the lines of “I don’t need you to help me get elected, I need you after the election” (Trump tweeted it out) and “I have the most extensive voter fraud organization.” And then once the Dems announced their mail-in vote scheme and all of these rule changes, I knew the fix was in.

Also, here’s a warning from Dr. Darren Beattie warning about a color revolution here, with apparently the same cast of characters from the overseas color revolutions overseas getting organized here: Interestingly, this interview is with Tucker, yet tonight Tucker made no mention of it or questioned if what we are seeing is was part of a color revolution. Also, Tucker tonight (at least ½ way through) didn’t call out FOX news (obviously, since he works for them) for their role in what looks like a coup (FOX apparently called VA way too early, refused to call other states for Trump, wanting to end the night like it was for Biden, so Trump would look like he was the trouble maker when he challenged).

Here’s Dr. Darren Beattie with Michelle Malkin on what Trump needs to do to stop the steal (he has articles at revolver news., but it’s probably too late). Also, for anyone under the misimpression that FOX is pro Trump, that’s simply NOT the case – there are admittedly some pro-Trump hosts at night, but most are never-Trumpers, same as the rest of the establishment GOP, who have been looking to stab him in the back—he’s been a thorn in their side, tying to end the wars and change foreign policy, which are not allowed. (IMO, with the impeachment knife at his neck, the establishment Dems and Neocon Senators tag-team/blackmailed him to kill Soleimani—they baited him to attack Iran several times and he refused, but once that impeachment knife was at his neck and there was that strange delay, where Pelosi held the articles, then Trump issued the order, which made no sense, given his reluctance to take the bait previously)

Also, factoring into my take on things was info from Greg Mannarino (financial expert guy, trader)—for the last year or so, he was saying “Trump is going to get reelected b/c he’s the best friend the central bankers ever had,” (apparently b/c Trump was calling for lower rates, which is good for the bad guys at the Fed). But then, in the past few months, Mannarino changed and said, Wall Street money is going to Biden, he’s the pick, so that strengthened my sense that the fix was in.

Finally, once Trump started going against the Covid narrative more aggressively (bringing on Atlas, insisting we have to open up, mocking the “cases, cases, cases” narrative from the MSM), I thought he was in dangerous territory. The central bankers are ready to move forward with this Great Reset (digital enslavement) agenda (for which Covid is the cover), so they’re not about to waste time with Trump who wants to open up. They are just going to promote Biden who is apparently 100% onboard with the Covid SCAM and tyranny (lockdowns and masks).

And the reason the central bankers want the lockdowns, is that they want to impose poverty on the masses, so they will be easier to control and more willing to sign up for UBI, which will be set up with direct accounts with the Federal Reserve (the true rulers) who will then switch it over to digital (cashless). Apparently, in the beginning, the Fed will give money directly to citizens, but under the conditions that it must be spent quickly (i.e. if you don’t spend this within a month it will disappear), which will set the nation up for hyperinflation, and eventual currency collapse, and then there will be no choice but for everyone to get their microchip and digital currency (economist Richard Werner says several central banks, including the Bank of England, have their RFID chips (to go under the skin) ready to go:

So, that’s where we are. A republic if you can keep it, but apparently it’s lost.

Thank you. As a Patriot I love this country and anyone who doesn’t should try living overseas for a year. My BIG frustration is not knowing what actions we can take to stop this left-wing nonsense. They are following the CIA’s handbook on how to overthrow a government, all the way down to the organized rioting and burning.

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