British woman’s feet destroyed by “severe adverse reaction” in C-vax trial. (NOT FOR THE QUEASY)

More urgent news that we’re not getting from the New York Times et al.

———- Forwarded message ———
From: G. F.

A participant in a Coronavirus vaccine trial is likely suffering from severe genetic damage. As a result, within weeks of being the guinea pig, her feet are falling apart. It is important to note that in order to take part in any medical trial, you have to have perfect health. No diabetes, absolutely nothing wrong with you.

This is what happened to a UK woman who took part in testing the corona vax I have repeatedly posted on this site – the one where they are requisitioning an AI to handle all the people who get wrecked by it.

OK, so do I really believe this was from the vax? I’d say highly probable but there is no way to absolutely prove it 

But that is DEFINITELY enough to jump to my death over to avoid it. (spoiler, I would have anyway without this post but what happened to this woman solidifies it.

Yes, mess with someone’s DNA and crap like this can happen, she was probably a jogger and started running on feet that had been modified by worm DNA. Everyone knows you cannot step on a worm.

I’ll hedge my bets that is NEVER going to heal, she’ll need her feet amputated, as will many more. I guess that’s one way to fix stupid, ANYONE who participated in a corona vax trial would have to be.

It is hard to say whether or not this was a reaction to the polyethelene glycol or the DNA modification, but it is definitely tied to the vax.

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