A whopping 86 COVID “cases” traced to Sturgis bikers’ rally

What this means is that 86 attendees and contacts have tested positive—which means nothing, since the tests are laughable (or would be, if the consequences of their rampant over-use were not so dire); but let’s be flexible, and assume those people actually have COVID-19 (though none of them, apparently, is sick, or we’d be hearing all about it). Since this year’s rally drew 460,000 attendees, the COVID-19 “infection” rate resulting from that horrid quasi-Nazi jamboree is 0.00018%. 

That’s a story, worth a headline? That is further “evidence” of the existential threat posed by COVID-19? And it’s on the basis of such terrifying numbers that the state of Minnesota has now made it a crime to meet with anyone who doesn’t live with you—a crime that, should you be convicted, will get you 90 days in jail, or a $1,000 fine?

Another joke that isn’t funny in the least: the Wall Street Journal, and “our free press” overall.

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