A whole lot of anomalies on Election Night

At this point, all one can do is note these many oddities, against the moment when they all can be debunked (for real) or reconfirmed. They must be noted now, before they’re all shoved down the memory hole—as “conspiracy theory.”

That’s exactly how the evidence of Bush/Cheney’s thefts was pooh-poohed by the Republicans AND “liberal media”; so pardon me for not reflexively believing it this time around. 

The GOP stole numerous elections all those years because they had to, as their quasi-Christianist agenda could never have majority support. The agenda of today’s Democratic Party—lockdowns, federal mask mandates, mandatory vaccination, sensitivity training, “defund the police”—also doesn’t have majority support; so the idea that they would do what the Republicans have done time after time is not a stretch.

We the People (such a quaint idea!) need to get a grip, which means we need a voting system we can trust—and that means we can’t wink at evidence of fraud just because we like the (seeming) outcome.

Erik Olsen on Facebook:

✅ Fairfax Virginia has switched 100,000 votes from Trump to Biden stating a “clerical error”
✅ Wisconsin discovers over 112k Biden ballots between 3:30 am and 4:30 am
✅ Nevada has decided they won’t have all vote counts in until Thursday
✅ Michigan has gained 138.339 ballots for Biden since they stopped counting last night. A whopping zero for Trump
✅ 6 states trump has sizable leads, all six states decided to stop counting ballots on election night (unheard of) and they all have blue strong holds
✅ Jack from Twitter deletes the current sitting presidents tweet on election night. Glaringly obvious election interference
✅ LeeJoe, who was running for district 16 senate seat in Idaho and stated so on his account profile, gets his account deleted from Facebook not once but twice. Another example of a glaringly obvious election interference.
✅ North Carolina has 100% of precincts counted with Trump in the clear lead and it’s not being called.

You don’t think we are watching a live coup happen? They aren’t very good at hiding it, it’s incredibly obvious to a logical person. The media told us ahead of time that they, and only they, will decide who won.

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Philly Democrat poll-watcher whistle- blower “Its’ a COUP against the President of the United States” EXPOSED Vote software in MI run by Avid Technology Inc, Richard C Blum holds 60% ownership; Husband of Dianne Feinstein.

More on MI software: The election software system in Michigan that switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden is called “Dominion.” It is used in 30 states including: Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Pennsylvania.

Sidney Powell (lawyer for Gen. Flynn) says HAMMER and SCORECARD were used to change voting numbers.

More on Hammer and Scorecard here:

Former NSA Kirk Wiebe on Hammer and Scorecard

Former NSA Bill Binney (whistle-blower) on “glitch” in software–no glitch, doing what programmed to do: (see chart)

Our elections are a joke:–6-months-of/

Info on tabluation software given to FBI, owner is Soros (Rothschild front man), FBI says all is safe (FBI is criminal institution)
Election worker- 4 am, cars showed up with 130,000 ballots, 100% for Biden
Woman filling out BLANK BALLOTS for over an hour, and stamping them
Sec Def working with Biden transition team while votes still being counted:
Background on guy who created Hammer and Scorecard (evil and corruption of US govt is endless, yet most Americans have no clue)

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