Videos of the Red Pill Expo on Jekyll Island, with talks by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Sheriff Richard Mack, David Martin, Del Bigtree, Cynthia McKinney et al.

From Bobby Roland:

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Subject: red pill link
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2020 19:36:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: laura grala
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Bill finally got the link for The Red Pill Expo we attended. With our admission we supposedly get to view the talks till the end of the month on line.Hopefully the link will open and work for others in our group, so please forward as you have everyone’s email.

Scroll down to the video section and do not hit play,….
but look at the top left section and hit the drop down button and you will get a list of all 15 video’s.

There are a lot of ads in-between talks so I have looked thru them and tried to list who is speaking on which video and at what number they start and stop.

Honestly I advise watching all of it….they were all such great speakers. I will include the list of speakers below this link.And let me know if it works!

Here’s the link:

Video 1  
min 0-1hr:07  Advertising for people who had tables in the foyer     
min 1hr:07-1hr:18 –Stuart Rhodes—Founder of—constitutional rights..Cowboy Logic
min  1hr:19 to end—Dr Andrew Kaufman Md--The Pandemic Fraud runs deeper than you think. pretty technical

Video 2  
min 0-min 4-end of Dr Kaufman             
min 4-1hr 25 sec live talks by those selling things in foyer             
min 1hr 25 seconds-end of tape— Sheriff Richard Mack-The Constitutional Sheriff –sheriffs answer to no one but we the people and are there to protect us against tyranny as well as crime.  excellent talk

Video 3  
min 0- 4 min   end of Sheriff Mack               
min 18-37   Q&A                
min 40:15- 1 hour 5 seconds (23 minutes– Part one) of The Titanic Never Sank –loved the old footage                 
min 1:05 -Ads for people who had tables in the foyer               
min 1:45-end of tape—David Icke on live interactive Video from England

Video 4  
min 0-40  end of David Icke               
min 42-56 Video tape of Kerri Rivera–mother of an Autistic child–written banned book and helped 1500 children with autism using Chlorine Dioxide.               
min 57-1 hr 44 min     Alex Newman–Cashless Society is the Goal 
min 1 hr 47 to end    Mikki Willis   -Why I produced Pandemic the Internet’s most viewed film EVER! Excellent talk

Video 5  
min 0-31 end of Mikki Willis 
min 32-1 hr 24  ads             
min 1hr 25–1 hr 46 min..taped video of Jon Rappaport             
min 1 hr 46 sec to end   George Gammon  The Great Reset to Servitude

Video 6  
min 0-28 end of George Gammon               
min 30-1 hr 5 min  Q&A             
min 1 hr 5 sec to ads

Video 7  
min 0 to end  Tim Ray The Sleeping Masses are Waking up: Lets Accelerate the Process
‘The Silent Protest’ gather in public spaces — excellent talk

Video 8  
min 0 till end  Robert Kyosaki…author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Last Call for Economic Reality…Dreamers will not do well.

Video 9  
min4 to end   David Martin — Technocracy is Driving our Species to Extinction–excellent talk

Video 10  
min 0-28  end of David Martin                
min 28 to 1 hr 19 min  ads               

Video 11  
min 0-11 end  Dr Weeks talk               
min 14-40 part two of The Titanic Never Sank               
min 1 hr 32 min- end Del Bigtree-It’s True. We are Winning the War against Forced Vaccinations 

Video 12  
min 0-37 end of Del Bigtree                
min 40-end     Cynthia McKinney – Identity Politics is Divide and Conquer in Disguise 

Video 13  
min 0-9  end of Cynthia McKinney               
min 9:31 – 58:07 Christian Westbrook of Ice Age   Engineered Food Shortages are Weapons for Political Control       min 1 hr 23 min to end  Marjory Wildcraft  How to Grow Emergency Food even in a city 

Video 14  
min 0-8 end of Marjory Wildcraft               
min 10-42 Randy Pinocci  Stop Complaining and Run for Office. 
min 45 to end  G Edward Griffin creator of Red Pill University
Who Are THEY? excellent talk

Video 15  
min 0-16  Q&A

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