The global takeover is underway. Here’s what it will mean, unless we stop it. (If you read anything today, read this.)

From Michael Green:

Below find the best single integration of what COVID is really about that I have read.  Mercola’s subject matter on his list-serve is: Urgent: The Most Unpleasant Article You’ll Ever Read.  The article says almost everything I have known and said and tried to convey in prior emails without rolling up my sleeves and doing the grand integration that Mercola successfully undertakes here.  If you understand the big picture you cannot become very excited about, say, how effective masks are or whether they work at all or maybe cause harm.  His account does not include the economic reasons for this push occurring now which I have found in another series of essays but have not sent.  You should read this one slowly and let it sink in; it’s what I have been struggling with for some time.

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