That mask is giving you lung cancer

From Guy Crittenden, who, for 25 years, edited the trade journal HazMat Management. (This was posted on Facebook.)


I happen to know a thing or two about masks and safety. Why? Because for 25 years I was the editor of an award-winning trade magazine called HazMat Management that covered such topics as pollution prevention and compliance with health & safety laws. We routinely published articles on masks, gloves, respirators and other forms of personal protective equipment (PPE). Now let me tell you a few things about that mask you’re wearing. And please note that what I’m about to share was also stated in the most recent edition of Del Bigtree’s program The Highwire when two OSHA mask experts spoke to the fact that the kinds of masks people are wearing were never (never!) designed to be worn for long periods and doing so is very harmful.

The blue typical mask depicted in the photograph contain Teflon and other chemicals. A Facebook friend reminds us: 1. Masks are “sterilized” with Ethylene Oxide — a known carcinogen. Many teachers in various school boards have been experiencing significant symptoms as a direct result of the effects of this chemical. 2. The masks contain (not sprayed with) PTFE which makes up Teflon along with other chemicals. I found and have posted the US patent to allow manufacturers to use PTFE as a filter in commercial masks… “breathing these for extended periods can lead to lung cancer.”

Don’t agree? Argue with the experts at OSHA, which is the main US agency, i.e., its Occupational Health & Safety Agency. These masks are meant to be worn only for short periods, like say if you’re sanding a table for an hour and don’t want to inhale sawdust. They don’t do anything whatsoever to stop the spread of any virus, and the emerging science of virology now understands that viruses aren’t even passed person to person. I know that sounds incredible, but it’s the case that the virus is in the air, you breath it in, there’s no way to prevent that short of living in an oxygen tent, and if you have a strong immune system you’ll be fine, and if you have a weak immune system you may have to deal with the effects of your immune system working to restore balance within your metabolism.

So let’s say you don’t wear the blue packaged masks, and instead wear a homemade cloth mask — the kind people wear over and over and hang on their rearview mirror and so on. Those masks are completely useless against a virus, and are also very dangerous. OSHA would never condone a person wearing a mask of this kind for anything more than the shortest time. Re-breathing your own viral debris is dangerous to health, and the oxygen deprivation children suffer wearing such masks all day will certainly cause brain damage. I’m not making this up. Again, you might say, well, Guy, you’re not a doctor. True, but I did edit that magazine for 25 years. That’s a long time and many articles on masks and PPE. I’ve attended numerous OH&S conferences and listened to experts discussing these matters.

You may hear people saying that surgeons and nurses wear masks like this all day. Um, no. No they don’t. They’re trained in the proper use of masks, which is to wear them in the OR, then dispose of the mask when they leave that room. Are you aware that operating rooms are actually supplied extra oxygen, to compensate for the reduction in oxygen flow from mask wearing? To my mind, it’s criminal (not hyperbole) to force children to wear masks all day. Setting aside the very real psychological effects, we’re going to have a generation of brain damaged children. Ever heard the expression, “Not enough oxygen at birth?” That’s a joke at the expense of a mentally challenged person, but that’s literally what we’re doing. And we’re told it’s to “keep us safe”! We’re told this by doctors who actually don’t know about PPE and laypeople who have no clue.

So, you can choose to believe me or not, but I was the editor for a quarter century of a magazine that had a strong occupational health and safety mandate, and I can tell you that the mask wearing currently mandated by governments and private businesses offers no health benefit whatsoever, in no way protects you or anyone else from any virus, and actually does you damage beyond wearing it for a few minutes.Got that? Good. Now please share this message and get the conversation going with parents, who must end this masking of children immediately. This is a very serious matter. And related to that, let me just state this doesn’t end for me when the lockdown ends or the masking ends. No, this ends for me when every politician and bureaucrat who inflicted this travesty, this crime against humanity, on the population of Canada (and other affected countries) is in the dock, and faces their misdeeds in a court of law.

And as for those of you who have put masks on young children, I will have a long memory on that score. A very long memory.

END NOTE: The CDC and WHO have acknowledged that asymptomatic people do not spread the virus, so the case for masks for such people is moot in the first place.

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WHERE is OSHA? Where is ANYBODY in our government to stop this madness? We’ve been betrayed on a scale that would make Judas look like a saint.

masks will give you super headaches because of the carbon monoxude one breaths out……and it doesn’t matter which type of mask cloth or otherwise your breathing carbon monoxide into your system.

Jon Rappaport, among others, has been on a crusade in an attempt to wake people up with regard to covid-19 inasmuch as there isn’t a modicum of proof that it even exists. Meanwhile, our 1st amendment rights have been smashed to smithereens. There’s no excuse for what has happened, with the devastation done to Main Street, USA; with lives ruined; with the stress this damned hoax had brought about. NO EXCUSE. And every time I am forced to don a mask to enter a grocery store, my blood pressure must go through the roof I’m so angry.

It seems you don’t need to wear masks consistently to suffer the effects of oxygen deprivation based on the comments above.

A question about operating room oxygen: the information given by internet search on oxygen being pumped in indicates that normal outside air is pumped in, not oxygen. Of course, that would tend to keep oxygen levels higher, probably, but this is not exactly the same thing as what this person is saying. Also, ‘the internet’ gives reasons other than compensating for mask issues as the reason. Are there articles or other references that back up more clearly what he is saying?

Thank you. The masks are the tip of New World Order Run by Eugenicists, Monsanto, Bill Gates and Big Pharmacy & Tech Companies. Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and George Orwell’s prediction in motion. Everyone is distracted by puppet politicians, while the Cabal makes leaps with their Twisted Plan To Control World Populations. When it’s a Mandate to be CHIPPED, the zombies sans of critical thinking because they’ve been taking order from their apps, will line up. Personally, you’ll have to cut my arm off!

Personally, I think it’s a Freemasonic Ritual, psychological operation. I’m noticing how people wearing masks are becoming very aggressive, mean spirited, violating human rights, uncaring and overtly selfish on a scale I have never seen before. I am a war veteran, yet the mask people could care-less about the sacrifices made by veterans to secure freedoms and liberties in this country. It’s shameful.

This is nonsense. To quote “oxygen deprivation children suffer wearing such masks all day will certainly cause brain damage. I’m not making this up.” You ARE making it up. A doctor I personally know ran 10 miles wearing a mask made from old curtains. His pulse-ox did not drop below 96% with a wet mask. He did the same at the end of his shift in hospital. Same result.

Very informative l couldn’t agree more,l give my clients a choice when they enter my business l have plexiglass on my counters to make them at ease so l don’t have to wear one

Yes, I agree mask wearing is a true health hazard and has irreversible damage to the brain causing early dementia in all ages of people. It suffocates the oxygen we all meant to have with no other toxins like carbon monoxide. I refuse to wear a mask, I always say medical exempt as it is medical to need oxygen so I don’t and can’t wear one. This may hopefully educate mask wearers when they see a non mask wearer. “The mask is a demonic device and harms my soul ” quote by Peggy Hall activist..

Marilyn Guinnane, you don’t think the virus exists?? Yes, it does and millions worldwide are dead because of it. However, that is NOT to say that we should let fear of it run our lives and make us live in fear. Just use common sense.

Yup, mask’s are a hazard to man’s health. Never have worn a mask and never will. The mask DOES NOT DO ANY GOOD, Zilch, noda, none. This whole thing is nothing but a mind control sting operation. Personally I believe in Psalm 91

Masks are just wrong. I saw through all this from the beginning and only wear one when I go to a medical appt. I wear my smile and walk through the grocery store showing others they can do the same if they choose. So sad to see women and children covered up but when I see men it makes me sick. Masks emasculate men. And I can’t believe they don’t feel that way when wearing them. 20 years ago they would not be wearing masks. AHHHH, the programing.

A real problem is that so many doctors & nurses have no experience in this matter and yet are advising the general public badly. They need to uphgraded!

[…] I happen to know a thing or two about masks and safety. Why? Because for 25 years I was the editor of an award-winning trade magazine called HazMat Management that covered such topics as pollution prevention and compliance with health & safety laws. We routinely published articles on masks, gloves, respirators and other forms of personal protective equipment (PPE). Now let me tell you a few things about that mask you’re wearing. And please note that what I’m about to share was also stated in the most recent edition of Del Bigtree’s program The Highwire when two OSHA mask experts spoke to the fact that the kinds of masks people are wearing were never (never!) designed to be worn for long periods and doing so is very harmful. […]

According to Susan Wisecup-Agbedzinu there have been millions of deaths worldwide due to this virus. Well the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control states as of 29 October 2020 that there were 1,175,279 deaths worldwide since December 2019 to 29 October 2020 which is just over 1 million NOT millions. I am in agreement that the virus exists and it can be very deadly in its effects and consequences to a minority of people but this appears to be fearmongering by exaggerating the death figures. Personally I have to wear a mask for work (even though behind a screen) and find them disgusting, irritating to the mouth (cold sores galore, very unhygienic ) problems communicating with members of the public and change the mask every hour or two (waste of money).

Any input on whether plastic microfibre lint is let off the meltblown polypropylene masks? It sure looks like that happens from the fibre size seen at microscopic level and that would be another cause of concern for cancer risk as plastics are biopersistant and will stay in the lungs, leading to lung cancer it seems.

Ross, OSHA did not specify the rate at which blood oxygen would fall, they specified the amount of available oxygen behind the mask is reduced by 20% while carbon dioxide builds up to well over safe limits when masks are on.

And was the mask the doctor was wearing made from lace? Lace curtains have giant openings.

At any rate, the fact is two boys died in running in gym class with masks on.

And the doctor who said he ran

I wear a mask because Jesus commanded us to “Love your neighbor as your self” so I want to protect all humans – especially the elderly, the chronically sick, the cancer sufferer and the pregnant, and not be an accomplice in the spread of this plague. It is a bonus if I am protected!
I love Psalm 91, but remember Jesus said” You must not put God to the test.”(Mat.4.7) Read Ecclesiasticus 38.1, “Honor a physician with the honor due unto him, for the uses which ye may have of him: for the Lord hath created him…The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.” then read more biblical wisdom in Psalm 52 which proves people like President Trump must also have existed in biblical times, (or else was a work of prophesy.)

Has anyone ever seen a baby die of sids? I have a few times, and I expect that we will see many more. The devastation to parents is so horrible, and many marriages never recover! I am not a doctor, or a specialist. I am a mother! All mothers having the life of one of their babies torn away suffer intensely. What will be the consequences of this masking insanity…? We know that lack of oxygen destroys brain cells.

Thank you Mark! An excellent article. I totallIy agree. To me it´s just plain common sense that a person needs oxygen. How more basic can it get? I don´t think anyone needs a medical degree of any kind to arrive at that conclusion. People are so badly brain-washed it´s beyond pathetic and there´s not much we can do about it. So sad for the children that are being forced to wear them – it really is criminal and I hope the bastards who started all this will be sent to jail (or die chocking).

ALL the peer reviewed science prior to 2020 said masks don’t work against viruses and may actually make infection more likely.

I have been wearing masks for construction applications most of my life, 50+ years, and have never had any problems that have been recently published by various sources; such as access carbon dioxide and lung cancer or other related issues. Also there are thousands and thousands of medical workers (doctors, nurses, etc.), and construction people, long before Covid19, that have used masks constantly without these issues. It appears that these so called problems have just recently come up because of mandate of wearing masks by the political structures that control the populations. I admit that wearing masks is generally uncomfortable, especially for long term, but I question that they are doing harm to most people, other then upsetting there vanity. So I see more proof by far that masks do not cause these terrible body destroying problems, and do offer some protection to people, although limited due to the limited seal around the face and everybody adjusting and touching them constantly. Most protection comes from keeping the body fluids more contained, especially for those who slobber, cough, sneeze, spit. etc. So I continue to use masks constantly for work conditions, and anytime in public for the virus or as needed to protect from outside contaminants. And have yet to actually see problems.

To those who say that construction workers and health workers have not suffered adverse health effects from wearing masks for extended periods of time, where is the data to support this? Just because YOU have not experienced any ill effects, or because YOU have not seen anything adverse, does NOT mean other people have not had problems. This is the problem when people offer their “Science of One” opinion – it is NOT scientific evidence of anything.

This is probably the most reetarded article I’ve read for a long while, and some of the commenters are as bad as the fear mongering writer of this so called “article”.

Wearing a mask causes brain damage? Citation needed.

Wearing a mask causes ling cancer? Citation needed.

>I wrote for a magazine for 25 years

is not a credible source nor peer reviewed.

That last comment couldn’t t of been serious, so many spelling mistakes,
And if it was they were never writing for a magazine

Answer to Rodney GLYNN-MORRIS

I love Jesus too, but Jesus walked up to the man with leprosy and He touched him, yet He broke no law, for the law of Love is greater as there is no fear in love…. I pray God gives you discernment to see which spirit is operating and opressing people and keeping them in fear, as we are called to set the captives free and to liberate them by faith in Christ, not to appease them in slavery.

An editor not the lead author and you want t people to believe this shit don’t mention that these people were heavy smokers for years and guns don’t kill people

How to create a boogey-man for adults. I supposedly tested positive for Covid, as did my 11 yo daughter. She had no symptoms while I had the most mild of cold symptoms. This is a crime against humanity and the purposeful destruction of free enterprise. Take off the masks and let mother nature do what she was designed to do and let our bodies do what they were designed to do. If you are terrified of COVID then YOU should quarantine yourself and live under a rock. Don’t punish the rest of the world. You are the selfish ones…not those who don’t want to wear a mask. You fools who trust agencies like the WHO and CDC who are in bed with big pharma. Never got a flu vaccine…never had the flu. Maybe that”s why there are so many cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s. And why people get early onset in their 30s and 40s. Mercury has been the binding agent for vaccines…a toxic heavy metal that effects the brain. When the government takes control of your lives and your bodies you will have no one to blame but yourselves for bending over and giving up your right and freedoms because an “expert” in medicine said so. Fools

The Denmark Study showed that there was a .3% difference between mask wearers and non mask wearers getting Covid 19. You can see this in the “Annals of Medicine” with a date of November 18th, 2020.

The CDC as of May 5th 2020 in Volume 26, Number 5 stated, “The overall reduction in ILI or laboratory confirmed influenza cases in the face mask group was not significant in either studies.”

Additionally, the International Journal of Nursing Studies Volume 108 – August 20th 103629 wrote, “Randomized controlled trials in health care workers showed that respirators, if worn continually during a shift, were effective but not if worn intermittently. Medical masks were not effective, and cloth masks even less effective. ”


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