Subject who died in AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial was killed by the “placebo” (claims AstraZeneca)

“The BBC understands that the volunteer did not receive the vaccine.”

AstraZeneca’s stock price rebounded on this news:

Question: Why is AstraZeneca using a potentially lethal vaccine as a placebo, instead of a saline solution? 
Answer: To increase the likelihood that the experimental C-19 vaccine will be “proven” “safe.”

From Children’s Health Defense:

The occurrence of not one but two cases of TM—a condition ordinarily reputed to be “rare”—ought to raise a red flag because the Covid-19 vaccine, by its developers’ own acknowledgement, is highly reactogenic. The Oxford researchers’ July report in The Lancet (published around the same time as the first TM incident) indicated that a single dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine had a higher “reactogenicity profile” (a stronger inflammatory response) than the meningitis vaccine against which it is being compared. That is saying something, given that the type of meningitis vaccine being used as a comparison is itself notorious for producing serious adverse reactions—including TM. Commenting on this point, one observer who is favorable to the push for a Covid-19 vaccine but questions the Oxford group’s decision not to use an inert saline placebo has stated, “comparing an experimental COVID-19 vaccine that has so far been shown to cause a fair amount of physical reactions . . . to a meningitis vaccine that can also cause these temporary side effects will certainly paint a kinder picture of the COVID vaccine.”

One reply on “Subject who died in AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial was killed by the “placebo” (claims AstraZeneca)”

Hello, Argentina just declared obligatory vaccination for the entire population. Here’s a link in Spanish:

This despite this stirring speech by medical expert:

This is ramping up into blind histeria and complete abrogation of individual sovereignty, any legitimate national sovereignty long having disappeared. It is saddening to behold.

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