Students sue NYU for their suspension over going maskless at a small party (before the semester started)

NYU’s COVID-19 policy is insanely punitive. I know one student who’s taking a gap semester (doesn’t want to study acting online), has a day job, never comes to campus. He had seven friends over to his apartment, posted pix on Instagram, and some undergraduate Stasi-wannabe snitched on him (which NYU encourages): NYU has suspended him through next summer, then will have him on academic probation the entire next year.

Some colleagues think this is fine, believing, as they do, that asymptomatic cases (or “cases”) are infectious, all congregation dangerous (except for BLM protests), and the illness often fatal, there being “no remedy,” etc. It does not occur to them to question any aspect of the COVID narrative—or, therefore, the wisdom of charging students the usual sky-high tuition/fees for an online curriculum, and treating their legal gatherings as punishable crimes.

Thus the university is cutting its own throat. Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, and sink into debt peonage for decades—for life, in this catastrophic job market—for the sort of “remote learning” you can get for pennies on those dollars from the University of Phoenix, and a social life beset by spies? If and when NYU starts to tank, the first to get the axe won’t be the top administrators, but members of the same professoriate that sees its students as so many vectors of disease, just as US nativists once saw immigrants from Italy and Poland.

That’s what makes NYU’s COVID policy INSANELY punitive.

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