On Trump’s health in the next few weeks (which may well be his last, to suit the COVID/masking propaganda)

Look for Trump to drop dead—killed “by COVID-19”—or fall gravely with it (or something that they’ll call “COVID-19”), some time after having ostentatiously stripped off his mask on the White House balcony.

Countless people—many highly educated—will take this as the ultimate “proof” that masks work, and, therefore, that everybody in America must wear them, forcibly or not. (Educated people are already treating Trump’s “infection” as such “proof.”)

Propaganda strikes the lizard brain, which is incapable of taking in the scientific evidence that masks do NOT prevent transmission of respiratory viruses; the data from France, Spain, all over California and elsewhere clearly demonstrating that “cases” increased AFTER mask mandates were imposed; and nationwide data showing that the states WITHOUT mask mandates have had LOWER coronavirus death rates than the states that have imposed them.

Trump himself may well be in on this, or he may not. Either way, this whole Trump/COVID drama is a propaganda stroke of rare sophistication and effectiveness.

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