Not knowing that the mike was live, Rep. Wendy Ullman (PA) jests with Gov. Tom Wolf that their public masking is “political theater”

Class this with the private masklessness of Dr. Fauci, Chris Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, Frank-Walter Steinmeier (President of Germany), and Mayor Patrick Brown of Brampton, Ontario, among others (all of whose exposure I detail in “Masking Ourselves to Death”). 

It’s not really hypocrisy, as Kit Knightly noted in the OffGuardian. It’s evidence that they themselves don’t really think that masks are necessary after all, despite their pushing them on everybody else. So—considering the harm that masks are doing to the physical and mental health of millions, including children, and to entire societies—the private masklessness of those celebrities is not so much hypocrisy as psychopathy.—Pennsylvania-Guv-Tom-Wolf-and-State-Rep-Wendy-Ullman-on-how-Masks—Political-Theater:1

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