It’s now hard to check real books out of our libraries (so that you have to turn to Google Books)

From Cat McGuire:

The video below reports a very ominous development going on with libraries. Physical checkout of books is becoming increasingly difficult.  “EmergencyTemporary Access Service” began in August “because Corona,” with sole access to books now widely offered only online via Google Books’ vast database (criticized for the many flaws made during their digitization process.) 

When is the public going to realize the virus is a trojan horse to keep us all anarrowly fixated while all manner of human rights violations are perpetrated on us?

And Then They Came for the Books . . .
By Truthstream Media, 42 min video

RECOMMENDED (though it requires a subscription):
Edifying essay by Nicholas Baker
“Discards” – The New Yorker, April 4, 1994
America’s great libraries are scrapping the card catalogue in favor of the more accessible on-line system. . . Are they destroying their most important — and irreplaceable — contribution to scholarship?

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