In Oregon, OSHA has been fining businesses for NOT forcing employees and customers to mask—and now they want to change the rules to make it easier (and “legal”)

From Mindy Stone:

Since the lockdown in Oregon in March, OSHA has been illegally fining businesses that don’t force employees & customers to violate their health needs and rights and MASK UP.

OR-OSHA’s proposed rule redefines “reasonable diligence” to make employers strictly liable, so that the agency can easily win a contested case. Despite clear direction from the Supreme Court and the legislature, OR-OSHA is unfairly shifting the burden of determining fault to employers. THIS WOULD MAKE BUSINESSES AND OREGON OSHA NOT LIABLE FOR ANY HARMS AGAINST YOU FOR FORCING MEDICAL DEVICES OR PROCEDURES ON CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO CONDUCT BUSINESS WITH A BRICK AND MORTAR BUSINESS.

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