Great interviews, on London Real and elsewhere, on COVID-19, vaccines and the Medical-Industrial Complex

From Guy Vantresca:

On the subject of vaccines, Covid1984, and health in general, Brian Rose at London Real has conducted a series of interviews with the greatest truth tellers, all within the last 4 months. Brian is a former hedge fund manager who walked away from that life, did Ayahuasca, and moved to London. He is a good interviewer because he lets the subject argue the points. He does not interrupt. 

Listen to the latest Zach Bush, especialky with Luke Storey, and the new Dr. David Martin, on London Real and on Sarah Westall. 

Zach Bush, three great interviews, on London Real; on Highwire, with Del Bigtree; and a new one on Luke Storey

Listen to them in order:

Dr. David Martin: a real mind-blower. He has evidence of criminal conspiracy for spread of SARS I & SARS 2. 

Just found another David Martin interview, with a few new bombshells, on Sarah Westall: 

Bobby Kennedy

Dr. Andrew Kaufman 

Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Rashid Buttar

Dr. Judy Mikovits

Del Bigtree

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