FEAR is the Great Plague that’s killing us, and it’s not of natural origin (MUST-READ)

From Michael Green:

It is difficult to overpraise the second gem in a row from Mercola, organizing in neat linear form what is happening to us and how. It’s much the stuff that Corbett did in his “Great Reset” video last week, but it is in print, readable, and clearly organized.  I only wish that he hadn’t ended with Lord Sumption’s quote that states that the impetus for decisive action, and hence the totalitarian response, comes from the people; this is entirely contrary to the thrust of everything that precedes it in this and yesterday’s piece.  The difficulty, as ever, is what I stated in my final essay: we are faced with the obstacle of telling an eagerly brainwashed people a deep truth essential to their future and well-being yet so inimical to their world-view and sensibility that we are deemed mad or speaking in tongues.   So the debates about masks, vaccine safety-efficacy, schoolchildren infection rates/mortality, when to reopen businesses, etc. keeps spinning away from the central kaleidoscopic horror in which they are glistening distractions embedded in a false phantasmagoria.

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