Event 201 was not suspicious in the least!

The Sun‘s headline is as incoherent as it is dishonest. (Event 201 has not been “falsely linked to conspiracy theories,” but truly is the subject of such “theories.”)

This shot of blather is an obvious (and futile) effort to explain away the patent suspiciousness of Event 201, which—like Moderna’s patent application the previous March (noting the possibility of a “deliberate release” of COVID-19), and Bill Gates’ negotiation, with Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL), of HR 6666, for a $100-billion federal contact tracing program in June—suggests foreknowledge of the COVID crisis. So does Dr. Fauci’s prophecy, in 2017, that a “surprise” outbreak of a respiratory virus would take place during Trump’s term. (If he knew it was coming, it wasn’t a surprise to him.)

The good news here is that Johns Hopkins, and, no doubt, the syndicate of which it’s part, are worried enough about the growing mass suspicion of their doings to get the Baltimore Sun to vent this propaganda.

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More on Event 201 here:

Looks like the military leadership is onboard with the fraud and tyranny and plans to make social distancing permanent (we are in the process of being enslaved):

Economist Richard Werner- 2 min video warning about the central banks plans for cashless society and total control over transactions. Also says several central banks have RFID chips to be implanted under the skin:

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