Emails prove that Biden has lied, long and loud, about his crooked dealings with Burisma—and “our free press” has blacked it out

This is big news, whatever anybody thinks of Donald Trump; and yet it’s either been blacked out completely (as in the New York Times), or misreported, Goebbels-style, as “false” (the Washington Post has headlined it as “Trump’s new fake Biden scandal”); nor is it allowed on Facebook, or on Twitter.

Those hollering that Trump = Hitler, and are therefore glad to see this major news suppressed, or pooh-poohed as “false” though it’s inarguably true, are themselves exactly what they claim to see, and fear, in Trump’s “deplorables”: true-believing zealots who can’t tell truth from lie, and don’t want to know the difference, as they’re so filled with hate that they don’t care to try.  

It doesn’t matter that Joe Biden intervened to get a righteous prosecutor fired in Ukraine, in order to protect his interest in Burisma, then lied about it publicly—on camera? It matters plenty, just as Obama/Biden’s backing for the neo-Nazi junta in that country matters plenty. Those issues matter vastly more than Hunter Biden’s crack problem, or his sordid sex life, which those emails also prove (and which would now be thundering everywhere if it were Eric Trump who’d been exposed). 

This is yet another sign that “the Resistance” is far more corrupt than the pro wrestling Bad Guy in the White House—and that we’re in deep shit because of it. 

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