Eight years before “Contagion” (2011), Hollywood released another prophecy

For those unfamiliar with the history of sci-fi TV, The Dead Zone was a series that ran from 2002-2007 on USA. These are excerpts from “Plague,” Season 3 (2003), 17 years before it happened to come true (except for the deliverance by chloroquine):

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And a rap musician, Dr. Creep, wrote a song called “Pandemic” in 2013, which included the line “2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking.”

In a 1981 book, The Eyes of Darkness, the author Dean Koontz wrote about how in 2020 there would be a pneumonia like illness that swept the globe, supposedly from a virus out of Wuhan, China

And in a 1997 interview with George magazine, psychopath, Bill Gates, predicted a future where an overpopulated planet is almost choked to extinction by a lung-attacking virus:
Bill Gates 1997 Prediction: 2020 Extinction By Lung-Attacking Virus

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