COVID fascism in Slovakia

We badly need an online resource tracking not “the virus,” but the calamitous responses by states all around the world. (A friend in Holland tells me that individual rights and freedoms have been nullified by state decree. Where else?)

From a subscriber:

Have you seen Slovakia’s Corona fascism?  When I first saw reports of (almost) mandatory testing for the whole population, it sounded too crazy to be true.  But it seems to be true, and there’s even a WSJ article and now a Lancet article about it.  The “almost” in “almost mandatory” is that you don’t have to be tested, not exactly.  But then you have to stay home and cannot go to work at all!  Some reports on Twitter said that the exact rule was that you were allowed out between 1am and 5am (am — not a typo).

From the Lancet article, with my caps:>

Anyone testing positive must remain in strict self-isolation at their home for 10 days, or they can go to a QUARANTINE FACILITY PROVIDED BY THE STATE. Many shops are being closed and restrictions on movement imposed during the 3-week period of testing with people subject to random spot checks by police. Everyone taking the test will be given a certificate to present if requested. Failure to do so could result in a fine of €1650. The testing is voluntary, but anyone not participating must self-isolate in their homes for 10 days. Breaking this quarantine also carries a fine of €1650. Individuals older than 65 years who spend most of their time at home have been urged not to participate, but the government has said that it will carry out testing of older people in care homes. Testing will also be done in hospitals.

A “quarantine facility provided by the state” sounds like
COVID-1984speak for an interment camp.

And the tests are the antigen tests, so they’ll probably generate a vast number of false positives, guaranteeing eternal lockdowns and mandatory vaccination as the only exit.

COVID-1984 is the greatest psyop in human history.  

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