CDC disappears the database that tracks COVID-19 deaths, showing how many have been due ONLY to COVID-19

This gives the lie to the pretense that the US is a democratic country, “our” CDC an honest source of data.

It also foretells a winter spike in “COVID-19 deaths.”

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Wow!! But definitely NOT surprised. CDC has been dirty for a long time–the CDC whistle-blower said that the researchers just destroyed data showing black boys are at greater risk of becoming autistic if they get the MMR vaccine before age 3. So, they’re willing to sacrifice the lives of children if it helps their career!!
Yes, it looks like they maintained this the casedemic all summer with the false positives from the bogus PCR test. And it looks like they are planning to once again hijack cold and flu season and call it covid. Laura Ingraham is already onto it–she did a segment “where have all the flu cases gone”
And Laura’s actually been doing a great job on covid and getting the truth out. She’s been against the lockdowns and masks, and supportive of getting back to work/school. She’s had the 3 Great Barrington epidemiologists on her show, as well as Alex Berenson and Dr. Atlas a number of times. Last time Dr. Atlas was on, he even said “some are saying the public health response is a crime against humanity” (she nodded, so it’s possible both have seen Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s presentation). Months ago, she had MN state senator, Dr. Jenson on to expose the pressure and monetary incentives to code deaths as covid.
And Laura also has her own independent health experts (Dr. Ramin Oskoui and others), who are also against the narrative being pushed. As it turns out, Laura and Dr. Oskoui were the ones who had a private meeting with Trump to tell him about hydroxychloroquine. In an exchange w/Hannity (who does not get it), she said “how do you know masks aren’t forever” (so I think she gets it—and she always says when our liberties are at stake, we have to question). She’s also hinted at problems w/the PCR test, and mentioned the 99.9% survival rate for most. Laura never pushes vaccines, and her guest, Dr. Oskoui said there’s no need. She’s also hinted about a “nefarious” agenda. And she had a guy talk about all the surveillance tools they are rolling out, and she said something like “sounds like they are trying to set up a communist state over us, but we are a free people and will remain that way, if good people have anything to say about it.”

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