“Build Back Better”: A GLOBAL propaganda meme

There is enormous power behind this drive.

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Yes, looks like “build back better” is code for the”Great Reset” and the “4th Industrial Revolution,” which is basically a totalitarian takeover of the world, with technology controlling all aspects of our lives. Here are good summaries of the Great Reset and the 4th Industrial Revolution:

Spiro Skouras on the Great Reset:

And here’s RFK Jr. also warning about the ruling elite’s plans for a digital dictatorship over humanity:

And the enormous power behind this are the central bankers who have had the power to create money out of thin air for hundreds of years (here in the US, since 1913 with the Federal Reserve, which is as “federal” as Federal Express). The central bankers are more powerful than nation states–they control nation states by controlling the creation and issuance of national currencies. All you have to do is step back and think about it: if a group of banking families have the power to create money out of thin air and loan it to governments at interest for hundreds of years, what are you going to end up with? Answer: the most powerful oligarchy in the world, and an oligarchy that owns almost everyone and everything. Here’s more on the families that own the Federal Reserve banking cartel:

More information on central banking and the Federal Reserve is in the following documentaries online: Bill Still’s The Money Masters, Money as Debt, and Mike Rivero’s All Wars Are Banker’s Wars. Additional information is in Ellen Brown’s book “Web of Debt” by Ellen Brown and here

A quick review of the quotes here is all you really need to understand the system: (the true history of money) (please see the quote from the London Times on Lincoln’s greenbacks—he broke free of the international bankers by having the government issue the debt-free greenback currency)

The only way out of this is for humanity to demand that their national governments take back the power to create and issue the national currencies and end the privately controlled central banks. Here in the US, Congress must end the Federal Reserve and take back the power to issue our national currency. They can spend it into the economy like President Abraham Lincoln did with his greenbacks. There is no need for nations to be in debt to private bankers for money they could have printed themselves.

Unfortunately for us in the US, it seems that former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, is the only one who truly understood the monetary system, which is why he spent his career warning the people about the Federal Reserve. The Democrats appear to be onboard with the covid scam and the tyranny, and they are sponsoring “Banking for All” bills in the House and Senate, which according to independent financial analyst, Lynnette Zang, is one of the steps in the transition from cash to a digital (cashless) monetary system, as outline by the IMF (an evil organization owned by the central bankers).

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