Branch Covidian rule in Cambridge, best-educated (and therefore most propaganda-addled) place in “Maskachusetts”

From the NFU subscriber who recounted his/her experience in the eyeglasses shop (see below):

I too would like to keep my job

Massachusetts, or Maskachusetts as it proclaims itself at state borders, is filled with educated people, which means people who’ve imbibed more propaganda than others have. In a decent society, perhaps, being more educated would mean that you know more. But we are far from it.

And within Massachusetts, it is Cambridge, home to Harvard and MIT, at the pinnacle of educated stupidity. (“Men are born ignorant, not stupid. They are made stupid by education.” –Bertrand Russell) Here is an example. 

Massachusetts’s governor, Charlie Baker, had issued a decree (I hesitate to call them laws as they are more akin to the Ministry of Magic decrees in Harry Potter vol. 5) mandating masks outdoors when 6-ft antisocial distancing couldn’t be maintained. Cambridge, not to be outdone, issued a decree mandating mask wearing outdoors no matter what.

Meanwhile, having mostly destroyed the restaurants of the area with mandated closures (Phases blah-blah) and thereafter strict capacity restrictions that ensure full overhead costs but only a fraction of usual revenue, the city reduced its overt abuse and allowed restaurants to occupy sidewalks with outdoor seating.

The city council was inundated with hundreds of phone calls from residents begging it, “Can we please take off our masks while eating outdoors?” The city council, presumably quite satisfied with the completeness of the brainwashing operation and the submissiveness of its subjects, showed magnanimity and allowed said subjects to remove masks outdoors as long they kept antisocial distancing or were seated to eat (but no reprieve while walking to the table or standing up). 

The extra outdoors freedom was valid only for the summer months. The abusers’ reprieve ended or ends today, so now only sitting down to eat outdoors will save you from the mask mandate. Soon, oh happy day, the Vaccine, hallowed be thy name, might also save you from the mask mandate. But then you’d be trading hypoxia, fear spreading, hypercapnia, face infections for vaccine adverse events, of which there will be many (and will be called the Second Coming of COVID).

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