Another masked hysteric, in LA

What does one say to these diaper-faced vigilantes? 

“Fuck off”? “Mind your own business”? Rational argument doesn’t work on minds undone, turned off, by ignorance and fear (and further weakened by hypoxia). 

Suggestions welcome.

From Matt Witt:

Hey Mark – Saw your post today about the masked madman. 

I had nearly the same this morning, standing outside a bakery in line withmy GF. 

In front of us was a portly guy, mid-70s of so, suddenly turning on us withno warning, saracastically angry: “Would you PLEASE put on your masks!! Or stand farther away from me.” Stabbing his finger at us. 

My GF announced that we were 6 feet away, meeting the standards foroutdoor occupancy. He insisted that we were just like Trump. I pointed outthat scores of studies have made clear that masks do not prevent contractingdisease. “You sound just like Trump!” 

He persisted ranting, “Oh, yes, they do!! Yes, they do!” 

I finally said, “You can repeat that mantra all you want. You sound just likeTrump.” 

He huffed. We stood there, shaken in anger. My GF is still upset. I’ve justbeen waiting for this to happen. She can’t believe it.  

Right in the middle of Claremont, the most liberal precinct of the “InlandEmpire” region east of Los Angeles. Home of the Claremont Colleges(but not a single independent bookstore).

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