An encounter with a masked “altruist”

As I left the mailroom of my building just now, my mask (worn for food shopping) down under my chin, a fat little man, eyes popping over HIS mask, leaned (too close) toward me and yelled, “You’ve got to wear a mask! You’ve got to wear a mask in the lobby!”

“I have a medical exemption,” I told him.

“I don’t care!” he yelled. “Put on a mask!”

“Some people can’t,” I said. “Read the OSHA regulations.”

“Oh, so I have to read the OSHA regulations!” he yelped sarcastically, as he waddled off.

In New York, you’re not required to wear a mask if you can “social-distance,” and the lobby here is large and airy.

But that hysteric surely wouldn’t read the governor’s order, either, since all he needs to know is what They Say, and he’ll do as They Say, and yell at you to do likewise–to “protect others,” even if it kills you.

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I live in Massachusetts, center of “right-on” gullibility, and was in the eyeglasses shop a couple weeks ago to make an appointment for an eye test. I was not wearing a mask. Another customer came in and started yelling, “People need to wear masks!” Last week, when I went back to the same store, the owner told me that the other customer had then called the city health department on the store about the terrible public-health hazard that he had witnessed, whereupon the health inspectors came around and peered into every corner to make sure “COVID” wasn’t being spread. People have lost their minds to an admittedly very well done psyop.

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