2020 seeing more US traffic deaths. (Gee, wonder why?)

Here’s a typically myopic article in Car and Driver—typical not of Car and Driver,but of the West’s entire “news” juggernaut—about the rise in US traffic deaths this year. Note the “reasons” given in the bolded bit below: “more risky behavior,” and “a higher likelihood of drugs or alcohol being involved.”

Well, yeah; but why would folks be driving more recklessly, and likelier to drink and/or get high? Could, say, the lockdowns, and the crash of the economy, have anything to do with it?

And—the dog that isn’t barking here—what about the face masks worn, insanely, by so many drivers? You’ve got a lot of people driving masked, including many old people; so why assume it couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this grim trend? People ran a piece last summer on a masked driver in New Jersey who passed out at the wheel, and drove into a tree. It was a “human interest” story in People, and that’s allIt should have sparked some journalistic interest in the likelihood that masking at the wheel has had disastrous consequences; but that’s unlikely with the sort of “journalism” practiced in the USA, and not just here. 

The NJ police department finding that the driver had been masked, and lost consciousness because of it, was pressured into issuing a statement that they were not qualified to say so, that he could have passed out for all sorts of reasons. That tells you how repressive this mask propaganda is; and how our “journalists”have been so addled by it that they can’t even imagine that this rise in traffic deaths could be related to the psychopathic measures used to “keep us safe.”

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