2020 is the third-least deadly year per capita in Swedish history, and September the least deadly month, ever

These are the latest statistics from Sweden, whose numbers always are precise and scrupulous.

Compare that view to the attack on Sweden in “The Scourge of Herd Immunity” (!) from the faux-left Counterpunch, a sturdy organ of the Lockdown Left:

Because, thanks to “the scourge of herd immunity,” Sweden has built up a strong defense against this virus, it will continue to do well, while Norway, Denmark and the other countries that locked down will keep seeing some real cases, with bumps in hospitalizations and death. This is something Counterpunch, just like the New York Times et al., does not want us to know, as it is zealously collaborating with the forces waging war on all humanity.

As for Sweden: Despite the recent strengthening of COVID “recommendations” in some local jurisdictions—a measure loudly misreported, by the Daily Mail and others, as backtracking in the face of an (imaginary) resurgence of “the virus”—life in Sweden is idyllic by the standard now prevailing in the West (and elsewhere).┬áHere’s a message from Mihalis Nevradakis, who recently escaped to Sweden from the cattle-car once known as Greece:

“Obviously in this world anything can change at any time, but as of now, coming to Sweden has been perhaps the best decision of my life. My health has immediately improved, especially my mental health. Other than getting used to a new country, which is happening rather quickly, I am living a normal life. Going to restaurants, cafes, bars, parks, shops, cinemas, all with no interference whatsoever.”

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