When the US government fast-tracked a flu vaccine in an election year

If “our free press” weren’t a mammoth propaganda barrel-organ, this story would be better-known and -understood; and if “educated” people weren’t blind-drunk on propaganda, they’d see that such a rushed vaccine is necessarily dangerous regardless of who’s president (and that ALL vaccines concocted by Big Pharma are, to put it mildly, unsafe).

I say this because there are countless liberals hollering about the dangerousness of “Trump’s vaccine,” as if Moderna and the others cooking up their witches’ brews weren’t all joined at the hip with Fauci/Gates.

(There are those who argue that this fast-tracking is actually a sly jujitsu move by Trump, deliberately intended to derail the “operation” by provoking [reasonable] fears about its safety. That could be true; though if he loses, or “loses,” in November, “the Resistance” will be all the more receptive to the toxin rolled out later, under Pres. Harris, after still more fear-conditioning of the masses.) 

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