What’s the matter with South Korea? (And how is it now preferable to North Korea?)

Emanuel Pastreich is president of the Asia Institute, living in Seoul. Here’s his bio:

Despite the universal masking in South Korea, they’ve had a surge of new COVID-19 “cases” there over the last several weeks—just as in Hong Kong last month: further proof that masks do NOT prevent transmission of respiratory viruses. Period. There as here, the point is NOT to save us from “the coronavirus,” but to break us.

From Jimmy Han:

Emanuel Pastreich speaks the truth about what’s happening in South Korea. In case you don’t know, South Korea has been mandating masks since the start of COVID-19 and most citizens have complied (similar to Hong Kong). In fact, Koreans are very accustomed to wearing masks because of the air pollution coming from China. But in recent weeks, the number of COVID-19 cases has spiked, thereby proving, once again, that masks are not effective in reducing or preventing the transmission of the virus. 

At 0:50, Pastreich starts speaking English. It’s a must-watch video for Koreans.

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