“We need more black Americans in vaccine trials,” say four black college presidents (whose schools all just got big donations from Bill Gates/Mike Bloomberg)

The quartet who (ostensibly) penned this Times op-ed apparently care less about the ugly history of medical experimentation on black people in America, and the impact of toxic vaccines on black Americans (among countless others), than they do about what Bill/Melinda want: to have black people be among the first to get injected with the rushed, experimental serum that will change their DNA.

Could the signatories on this op ed have been moved to (seem to) write it by the largesse of the Gates Foundation, and its lavish partner, Bloomberg Philanthropies? Last month, Howard University, of which Wayne A.I. Frederick is president, received a grant of $137,428 from the Gates Foundation, “to support research designed to document the challenges and triumphs of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) community in response to COVID-19.” That this grant was actually awarded not for “research” but to hire Pres. Frederick as a vaccine shill is apparent from the program under which the grant was given: “Advocacy.”

That grant is chump change in comparison with the “surprise” endowment of all four schools whose presidents (ostensibly) penned this plea for more black guinea pigs—$100 million from Bloomberg Philanthropies, announced on Sept. 3, to help the med students at those schools pay off their student loans. Gates and Bloomberg are close partners in the global drive to force the New Normal on every one of us, regardless of color; so the timing of that “generous” donation to the very schools whose presidents have signed this Times op ed can’t be coincidental.

On the Gates/Bloomberg juggernaut:

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