Trump threatens to block stricter [sic] COVID-19 vaccine standards

This from a man with a vaccine-injured child.

Certain of Trump’s ever-hopeful followers may see this as some kind of shrewd maneuver on his part, intended to outflank his pseudo-adversary, Dr. Fauci; but I think it’s something else—shrewd, yes, but not on our behalf: 

In light of the pro wrestling character of US “politics,” this looks like a set-up to cast Biden/Harris, or who/whatever takes Trump’s place, as very cautious, so that the COVID-19 vaccine will appear to have been duly safety-tested (although, in fact, no vaccines ever really are), and every anti-Trumper, and some others, will feel wonderfully relieved that Trump’s no longer “putting us at risk” by interfering in the (non-existent) safety-testing protocol; so they will all be more inclined to get their shots (which he, Gates, Fauci and the rest of them most certainly won’t get, just as they don’t wear masks, except on camera).

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