The whole “Novichoks” story is another steaming load of bull

The alleged attempt by Putin to assassinate Aleksei Navalny—the Juan Guaido of Russia—by means of the nefarious “Novichok” is a sequel to the equally transparent propaganda fantasy that Putin tried to whack the Skirpals through the same demonic means.

Here Paul McKeigue very carefully demonstrates that the whole foundation of both fictions is a lie. 

Will this FINALLY end the bullshit? Of course not. McKeigue’s work won’t even be reported, much less rebutted, but has slipped right down the memory hole, just like the VIPS forensic study of the “hacking” of those DNC emails (showing that they weren’t hacked at all, but downloaded), and all the other evidence that “Russia-gate” was bull as well. 

(Here’s a good example of the NYTimes/CIA propaganda re: Navalny:

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