The war on HCQ is heating up: A summary of the (covert) measures taken to prevent its use to treat COVID-19 (MUST-READ)

Dr. Meryl Nass has been updating her list of the dozens of steps taken to discredit HCQ, so as to maintain the widespread ban on its prescription for COVID-19. She’s now up to 49 such covert measures—the latest being the immediate disappearance, from ResearchGate, of a review article preprint looking at 41 studies of early HCQ use with universal benefit. 

This is, unfortunately, a blog that one should check on a regular basis, since the attack on HCQ is ramping up, along with the masking lunacy and fear campaign in general, so as to keep us in the dark about the needlessness of a vaccine, obeying all the (arbitrary) rules, and terrified enough to beg to be injected. 

Meryl ends with this acute suggestion that we connect the dots, to grasp the overall agenda here: one that’s actually been in the works for decades, as the Rockefellers et al. have been pushing for strict limits on economic growth/development—what we might call “green austerity”—for decades. (They were noisily opposed to JFK’s, then RFK’s, position, that the economy should grow, and natural resources prudently developed, to the benefit of all humanity, whose population JFK and RFK did not believe should be “controlled.”)

50.  Can we begin to connect the dots between those who fraudulently suppressed effective treatments for Covid-19, and those who wish to maintain the pandemic crisis to remake the world? Today, on 9/11, Oxford epidemiologist Dr. Peter Horby, a principal investigator for the Recovery trial in which 396 people who were overdosed with hydroxychloroquine died, retweeted a tweet from the World Economic Forum about the environmental benefits of using bicycles.  Horby added, “This is where we need to be headed.”

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