Portland takes one small (woke) step AWAY from totalitarianism, by banning face-recognition (while mandating masks, running schools like prisons, pushing flu shots, and so on)

Nice to see a Democratic city make this move; though I’ve not heard of any protests there against Oregon’s mask mandate, or the abusive conditions in Portland’s “reopened” schools, where all the children, black and white, must wear masks, and stay six feet apart. 

This ban is a woke measure, in response to the distrust of city government among “BIPOC communities.” So the police state is okay, as long as it’s maintained to maximize “biosecurity,” and doesn’t interfere with “Social Justice.” But real social justice isn’t served by making black people (as well as white people) wear masks, whether they’re healthy, or—especially—if they have asthma, diabetes or any other conditions that make masking hazardous. (Asthma and diabetes afflict many more black people than white people.)

And, if and when it’s ready, the COVID-19 vaccine will, no doubt, be rolled out in Oregon, aggressively, for all—with black people among the first to get injected, as if that experimental vaccine will be good for them. And Oregon is pushing universal flu shots, despite the heightened risk of acute respiratory infection. And so it goes.

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