Pfizer CEO pre-demonizes those who won’t get the COVID-19 shot, calling them the “weak link” in Big Pharma’s grand defense against “the virus”

The mask mandates, and the propaganda myth that unmasked people are a danger to the masked, have served to set us up for the exact same livid crackpot “argument” vis-a-vis vaccination: that those who haven’t got their shots endanger those who have.

This isn’t just illogical (if the vaccine works, how do the unvaccinated threaten those who’ve had their shots?), but an inversion of the truth, which is that vaccinated people tend to be MORE infectious, because they shed viruses. (Most measles is now caused by the lab-strain measles virus in vaccines.)

But never mind all that; because this Great Fear, whether over masks or vaccination, has no scientific basis, and isn’t really about public health. It’s the same old primal panic—the tribal fear of the UNCLEAN—that drove witch-burnings, pogroms and lynchings, and that’s now being stoked against all those who know better, and will NOT fall in line.

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