On the COVID-19 crisis, a MUST-SEE interview that’s online ONLY until 9:00 p.m.(EST) TONIGHT!

From Deb Moore:

Sending this as a group email to people I care about who I think will appreciate this.  This is #3 in a docu-series largely about vaccines.  I just watched this one (47 min. total) and I think everyone in this country should see it.  It’s an interview that puts the whole covid thing into perspective, and it is science-based, but totally riveting.  At the very least, it’s informing yourself with another, very plausible, very important perspective.

This will only be available to watch for free until 9pm tonight, and then they will probably do a replay of the entire series, usually on a weekend, after they complete the initial run, where each is available for 24 hrs.  I’ve found that SOMETIMES, not always, it is possible to cue up these things and start a few minutes of it before the expiration time, and save it w/o shutting down your computer, and then you can watch it after, so you can try that if it’s not possible for you to watch before 9pm.  But I think that you really won’t want to ignore this one, so please try to find the time for it today (or register and watch for the replay), even just the first half of it, although you’ll probably want to see it all.


PS  I’ve registered for this, but I think this URL will bring you right to it and you don’t need to be registered.  If you go here and need to be registered, it will tell you, and it’s fast and free to do that.

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