On that (imaginary) “growing body of evidence” that masks DO prevent transmission of respiratory viruses

Here is Denis Rancourt’s latest, on that “growing body of evidence” alleged to show that masks do prevent transmission of respiratory viruses (contrary to what the CDC and WHO were saying before their pivot in the spring). This article demolishes that claim, which is no truer for the fact that it’s now being repeated endlessly, by the same exalted bureaucrats and politicians who’ve been hammering that gong for months, and now louder than ever.

And here’s a very useful summary of the pertinent facts, from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, sent to me by a good friend who’s a doctor in New Zealand: 

As the threat of COVID-19 recedes into the past, and the mask mandates become more stringent and expansive, we badly need this blacked-out information; so please share it, with anyone who won’t flip out on you for sending it. 

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