More questions about Li Meng Yan

Like Spiro, I’m struck by Yan’s silence on the US funding of the Wuhan BSL4 lab; and there’s still more about her that’s (as Richard Gale notes here) “very fishy.” 

From Richard Gale:

Hi Mark… I find something very fishy about Yan

For what it’s worth:

Steve Bannon had Li Meng Yan as a guest on his War Room podcast several times before his arrest: on July 11, 29, 30, Aug 11 and 14. I only checked to listen to the Aug 11 show, which was only about HCQ, whereas, given what she’s publicly saying now, one would expect she’d mention it. 

There is also the Bannon and Yan connection with billionaire Guo Wengui, who was China’s 73rd richest person (mostly in real estate development). Now with Bannon arrested, Guo hosts the podcast.  Guo went into exile in the US in 2015 before being arrested for bribery, kidnapping, rape and money laundering.  He is also a top-paying member of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort club

Working with Bannon, last June, they declared together a New Federal State of China to overthrow the current government.

Some of the “top secret” documents supposedly from Chinese authorities that Guo provided to US intelligence authorities were determined to be forgeries.

Guo’s two accomplices in the forging of documents and toying around with securities companies to get around regulations and for money laundering were arrested and confessed to their activities. 

I have no doubt there is some clear and unknown connection between Guo and Yan. 


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